Don’t Let Your Product Photography Break Your Entrepreneurial Dream

black and white photo of photography studio with lights and photograph equipment, professional online product photography

You’ve spent months, possibly years, working on your product. You hold it in your hand and smile. This is your baby and you are a very proud parent.

It has been such a long journey from conception to production. There have been so many details and decisions to resolve, but you have conquered them all. You have invested countless hours and have spent way too much of your hard-earned money making your dream become a reality. You have looked the other way with determination and perseverance when the world thought you were crazy. The end goal is finally in site.

The dream is simple yet vivid. You imagine yourself earning an income that relieves all your financial burdens. You can breathe the air of freedom.

The road ahead is clear. You have chosen your path and have mapped out each step. You are almost there. Technology has made it all possible. E-commerce is your ticket.

You are ready. You can feel it.

You just need to upload images to spread the word. You grab your iphone to take a photo. You hit the button but something is just not right. The little lens and screen refuse to capture your passion and all your hard work. The images are flat and lack your sparkle.

Now before you get deflated, there is something you should know. The entrepreneurial journey is not easy. Not for you, not for anyone. And unfortunately, you may have won the battle but you have not quite won the war. There is still a truck more load of work that needs to be done.

To capture a professional looking photograph, your images need to be staged with appropriate props, lit with professional equipment, edited, retouched and resized to fit your platform. There are F-stops, white balance and depth of field to consider. But these terms are foreign to you.

This new learning curve is steep and you don’t have time to figure it all out. You have spent all your energy learning about the production process, not to mention deciphering the nuances of your prefered internet platform. You are itching to go live with your product. You just want to start making money to relieve the pressure of the piling expenses.

The problem is you understand quality images are the cornerstones to making your dream turn into reality but you just don’t know how to get there quickly.

Let me let you in on a little secret. There is no need for a new learning curve on product photography. We have done that work for you. This is where we come in to relieve you before you burn yourself out in frustration.

At POPP Studios, we have over 20 years of experience working through what needs to be done to capture inspiring images. We have invested in top quality equipment. Our eyes are trained and our process is simple.

We are here to help. You have worked hard enough. We are the calvary coming out from the mist to lend aid.

All you need to do is ship your product to us and you get a momentary reprieve. You get a moment to catch your breath.

We will take great care to photograph your product, your baby, so that it looks its best before venturing out into the world. When we have done our job of capturing your heart and story, we will ship your product right back to you.

Then, you can continue on your work, refreshed, with product photos that convey your message and branding. You can plan your launch with pride and enthusiasm… and off into the sunset you will ride.

What are you waiting for?