simply send us your products and we will photograph them for a


on your 1st FIVE products

now $140 (regularly $240)

✓   all digital images are on a white background to showcase your product

✓   basic retouching is included *

✓   includes a full usage license of all photos



$5    ✓    TIFF

$5    ✓    PNG files (transparent background)

$60   ✓   EXTRA detail photo of product

✓   EXTRA mini lifestyle photo starting from $195 (table-top display, styling included * ADDITIONAL COST FOR PROPS IF REQUIRED)

✓   EXTRA full lifestyle photo starting from $295 (product photos with model * ADDITIONAL COST FOR PROPS IF REQUIRED)

✓   1 WEEK DELIVERY add 20%  

* Additional charge for extensive retouching. Please ask for a quote.

A La Carte Pricing

White Background

Product photo on white background with shadow of 4 yellow, black and orange olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles

This is our core service at POPP studios. We create clean, beautiful images of your product on a white seamless background using professional lighting and editing to provide the best images possible. All editing is done by our knowledgeable photo retouchers. Retouching includes removing dust, scratches and minor defects.

1 – $60

2-4 – $54

5-9 – $48

10-19 – $42

20-49 – $36

50-99 – $30

100+ – $24

Transparent Background

Product photo on transparent background of child wooden tool box in blue, red, green and yellow with toys spread out

A transparent layer can be added to any of our white background product images. This allows your product to be placed on top of any background creating a seamless effect for your website or marketing material. Images are delivered in PNG format – minimum 3000 pixels (longest edge). That means the image can be printed up to 10 inches in size (longest size) at 300 dpi or, 20 inches in size (longest edge) at 150 dpi.

Add $5 to any photo

Hero Shots

oil and vinegar gift set product photography white background

A Hero Image is often the first visual element a visitor encounters on a website; it presents an overview of the site’s most important content. A hero image is everything our white background image offers but more. With extensive retouching and significantly larger file size – a hero image is the best way to showcase your most important products and services. Our hero Image retouching goes further to include correcting manufacturer errors like crooked labels, damaged packaging, etc. We take care to prepare your product for the photoshoot by cleaning the product, garment steaming, stuffing bags, minor assembly whatever the shot needs! 

$90 per photo

Hero Images are delivered as layered TIFs – minimum 7200 pixel (longest edge). That means the image can be printed up to 24 inches in size (longest size) at 300 dpi or, 48 inches in size (longest edge) at 150 dpi.

Full Lifestyle

Lifestyle photo of woman with tattoos lying on stomach while hands massage her back with brushes

Sessions include models using your product in a controlled setting such as our studio or it can be done in a real life situation on location such as in a park, home or office.

Starting at $295

Mini Lifestyle

Mini Lifestyle Tabletop Photo of purple and cream handmade soap with pinecones and wood

Sessions are table top setups of your product displayed with appropriate props to create an environment to best showcase how and where your products would be used. These types of sets are great to also show scale and give a mood to your images. All mini lifestyle sessions are photographed in our studio.  

Starting at $195

Hand Model Images

Hand model product photo on white background of hand holding pink nail polish

Hand model shots can be added to any of our services and are great for showing scale and to demonstrate your product in use.

Add $30

Micro Photography

Micro Photography requires added attention to the small details with specific lenses to capture just the right image. Any products smaller than 3″ are considered Micro Photography.


Product photos with a white background, hand model images, and lifestyle shots are delivered as JPEGs – minimum 3000 pixels (longest edge). That means the image can be printed up to 10 inches in size (longest size) at 300 dpi or, 20 inches in size (longest edge) at 150 dpi. Pricing based on one product per image. Please ask about groupings of 2 or more items.