7 Amazon Photos Essential for Selling Products Online

lifestyle photo of man paying with credit card on laptop amazon sellers, product photography

As we all know, Amazon’s popularity is exploding. More and more people are selling products online, and Amazon is at the forefront of this movement.

The object of the game is to sell, sell, sell. A sale happens when a customer feels comfortable with the product, the seller and the process. It all comes down to trust. Amazon has done an amazing job with a trustworthy process. But it is up to the individual seller to gain a customer’s trust with their individual product.

Gone are the days when a sales associate builds trust, one-on-one in person, to win the sale. With the popularity of the internet, sales are generated by images. Images can tell so much about a product or a seller. Not only do photos show the product, but poor quality photos tell a customer that the seller has not put in the effort. This bit of mistrust throws a shadow on whether the seller can be trusted to deliver on time.

Because of the growing demand, Amazon has streamlined their system to include a list of specific requirements for their product photography (visit this link for Amazon’s photography requirements). They know that images are key to the sale.

On each item’s descriptive page, there is a place for seller’s to upload up to 9 descriptive photos per item. Sellers should take advantage of every possible space given to photography to increase the potential for sales.

Here’s a list of descriptive photographs that should be included in every Amazon’s item descriptive page for best results. The more visual information given to a customer of a product the better.


product photo on white background with a shadow of a reflection of baby in a car seat


This is your main “hero shot”. It’s the one that gets a shopper’s attention. It’s the photo that makes them click through to your description page to find out more and finally purchase. Amazon requires your product photographed on a white background. This eliminates any clutter and focuses that attention on the item you are selling. With all of the products available for sale on Amazon, this photo needs to be capture the attention away from your competitors.


Lifestyle photo of woman buckling a car mirror to head rest


No matter what people say, size really does matter. Especially, when it comes to selling a product online. A shopper cannot physically hold the product in their hand. As a seller, it is up to you to make sure the shopper understands exactly what they are purchasing to avoid the awkward and unhappy return.


Lifestyle photo inside a car with a baby's face in a car mirror


A lifestyle photo is the “money shot”. This photo captures the ideal story of use for your product. A great lifestyle photo is capable of transporting a shopper into a visual mindset of actually using that specific product themselves. In turn, a great lifestyle photo will entice a shopper to buy. This photo requires a tremendous amount of planning and staging to get the right feel and tone of a specific brand.


Detail photo of car buckle product


You can never have too many detail shots. The more information you can visually capture will increase the trust factor of any product. This may be label instructions of installation, product care or ingredient list. It may be details a seller wants to highlight. It could be a close-up shot of something not visible in a lifestyle shot or the main product shot. The more information a customer gets upfront, the less unhappy surprises after purchase.


product photography infographic of baby car mirror


This is a combination of photography and graphic design. An infographic shows text of selling features, pros and cons or specifics can help a customer make an informed decision. Often times this text can be a repeat from the written product description but will capture people’s attention more if shown on a photograph.


Packaging product photo on transparent background of baby car mirror in blue and green box


As opposed to a main product “hero” photo, a packaging photo captures what the customer receives straight out of the Amazon box. It shows what is included in the packaging so, again, the customers know exactly what they are getting.



If at all possible, it is good to include a video that incorporates all of the above images in to a real life, visual explanation. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video increases that impact ten fold. A shopper is able to feel more secure in their judgment of a product which will increase sales potential.

There is a lot to consider with taking product photos for selling on Amazon. The process can be, at times, daunting and overwhelming, especially for busy business owners who have other important things vying for their attention.

Product photography should never taken lightly or rushed in the end. Images can make or break your business.

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Another great resource is this link. Through this critique, you can learn from 12 examples of top selling products on Amazon. The post details what they thought made these product photos stand out from the rest & how they could have improved.